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Bored la.. what to post?

Hols getting boring.. watch all Chu Kang's series in YouTube ready..
Watch all the movies my father brought home from his friends..
Watch till 3am.. hahah..
So far, I watched..

Ah Long Pte Ltd..

17 Again..

Just Follow Law..

And I learned a lot of things from the movie..
1) Tanya Chew :"Guys, remember my 5 E's? Efficiency, Effectiveness, Expressiveness, Enthusiasm, Excellence & Efficiency."

2) Lim Teng Zui :"Guys, move it! Know my 4 B's? Bang jio(pass urine), Bang Sai(pass motion), Bang Pui(fart) & Bang Gang !!! (Off Duty)"

3) During the war of email, they come out a phrase...
CC means Cover Ca-chng (Backside)
BCC means Better Cover Ca-chng (Backside)

4) Alan Lui (CEO) :"Every thing also needs to be declared! This is the public service, not your dad's office!"

5) Tanya Chew :"That's the problem with Singaporeans, You do nothing because you fear punishment!" (I guess this words hurt the government a lot!)

6) Tanya Chew's Mother:" Old peoples are 3W citizens, wait to eat, wait to sleep & wait to die."

Shinjuku Incident <<< [boring]

Still, hols sien lar.. haha..

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