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Nicky's Pet Wonderland.

Dong Dong Dong Dong Chang!

Wishing all of you Happie Chinese New Year!


Happie Valentine's Day!!


Some Stories to Tell

[Picture says them all]

Decorated the prefects board!

Paparazi! Aww... so sweet~!

Siew Yan is also my fans!

Fahimah day dreaming!

Farah Hani's Farewell Party


[Click 2 enlarge!]


So Loooooong!

This is my beloved watch..
Passed away few days ago..

Isn't she's cute??

Having an operation..


[Camera flashing]

My cousin's friend is a part-timer as a photographer..
He took photos of couples before or during a special occasion..
I found out tht tht was a brilliant idea..
Was looking forward to do so..
So.. get ready to SAY CHEESE~!

Mom says tht I must go deeper into photographing, editing and installing.. only when I'm extremely free..