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Nicky's Pet Wonderland.

Goodbye, folks!

Yes of course.. I'm leaving!

I shall not delete this blog but to abandoned it here. It's too hard for me to delete it! Anyway.... the good news iss........

I have a new blog... since I'm leaving my old memories aside and create a new one, so shall be my blog.

Here's the link....



This is cool
Check it out!


I'm taking it

It's my chance
It's my life

I shall burn my History Books
And create the first Present Future Books

Yes, and I mean it
I'm making the first step
to this Whole New Journey
And Nothing can Stop Me Now



Tim Yap Ming gave me this link..
And guess wat?
Mairead Nesbitt's AWESOME!

Here.. take a look..

Tht's oni 1 of her songs.. go n find de rest of her songs..

P.S. Whoever says tht she's not good at playing violin, I'll pull ur pants down in front of everyone! Lol..

N I really felt sorry 4 Tim..
I wonder Y humans are getting weird..
Tim was good at playing violin and has passion on it..
He noes how 2 play tht! Cool?
No, nt imaginary violin.. a real 1!
I asked him 2 play 4 our school durin teacher's day..
Kk.. I'll end with a smile..



I wonder why.. bt i kept on dreaming bout you.. n u owe me a hug! Love you..


Even a dog pray.. why can't you pray?

Dong Dong Dong Dong Chang!

Wishing all of you Happie Chinese New Year!


Happie Valentine's Day!!


Some Stories to Tell

[Picture says them all]

Decorated the prefects board!

Paparazi! Aww... so sweet~!

Siew Yan is also my fans!

Fahimah day dreaming!

Farah Hani's Farewell Party


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