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Nicky's Pet Wonderland.

Homestay (Pictures Edition)

~1st day~

Shh~.. someone's sleeping.. hehehe..

The Paddy..

One straight road.. no left, no right, just straight..

Natural Beauty..

It's beyond your imagination..

~2nd day~

Wen Hoo.. wif baby..?

What you saw when you're having a morning walk..

The Veggies..

I'm lost..

Long way to go..


The palm seed..

The coconut.. fresh n nice!

Say hi!

~3rd day~

Balai Raya..

Gotong Royong!

'RM5 RM5! Murah murah! Beli untuk masak kepada suami Ooi!'

Click to enlarge..

We're going to Bukit Melawati..

At Bukit Melawati..

Anything-that-is-related-to-fish place..

The firefly is something like that.. something like christmas tree..

~4th day~

Good Morning!

On the way..

Bored till play Congkak..

Tanaman thingy..

[to be continued]

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