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Homestay (Without Pictures Edition)

Back from Agrotourism Homestay Sungai Sirih..
Very nice! 6 star for that! Hahaha..
Not to worry.. Pictures are uploaded..

1st day
I woke up very early that day..
5.45am i think..
Reach the meeting place around 8.00am..
First new fren = Pravin!
Get lots of free gifts (baby pants, clothes, sleeping bags, size 6 shoes, etc.)..
We begin our journey at 10 something...
Reach there tepat-tepat at 12.15pm as stated at de timetable..
Divided into families..
Mine is Pak Jumaat..
He's very very nice u noe! Haha..
Made more new frens..cuz they're my housemates..
Ikmal aka Bob aka Afrie, Syafiee aka Budak Silat, Wen Hoo aka Fei Chai..
Take a walk around the area.. do watever things you 1 2 do..
Actually, there's more freedom..
Not like wat ppl think of it.. no rules.. only tht u're not allowed 2 go out after.. 1.00am?
Anyway, the 1st day is.. kinda boring la.. cuz gt no activities..

2nd day
Woke up at 6.00am..
Me n Syafiee woke up de earliest..
I bathed 1st.. n the morning bath is freaking cold.. no hot water.. only cold 1 on a cold morning..
Had some morning walks.. viewing the scenery..
Had breakfast..
Rush to the agricultural areas by van.. and reached there at 8.40am..
Had a lot of adventures.. quite fun..
At 10.30am.. we walked 2 the place where palms were collected..
And we went to sugar cane fields! Got free sugar canes.. sweet and fresh.. but i feel like i'm a panda -.-''.. haha..
Went back home around 12.30pm..
In my room, i realised tht i had a terrible sunburn at de back of my neck..
Painful and itchy..
At 3.00pm, we went to the paddy fields to catch some fishes and play kites..
In case u're asking, i caught nothing..
Around 4.45pm, rain started to pour heavily..
Me, Pravin and Pravin play in the rain(this is where i started 2 get closer to Pravin and Mei Leng)..
I invite Xiao to get wet in the rain.. bt she refuse bcoz she's wearing white T-shirt.. n dark coloured ***.. (It's an accident! I saw it from the outside!)
Went back home at 5.45pm.. in wet conditions..
Had a bath and dinner..
Went back to Agro Center.. for some ramah mesra with our keluarga angkat..
After the event, me, syafiee and his friends went home, walking..
It's kinda far.. around 2km..

3rd day
As usual, woke up early..
Had breakfast.. did all usual things..
8.00am.. went to the Agro Center to do some exercise..
And at 8.45am.. some of us went to the balai raya for some gotong royong..
We get to pluck out 'vegetables'(grass) and 'sell'(throw) them..
We even played with dry dirt and make everyone's hand itchy.. haha..
After all the plucking and selling thingy, we went back to the Agro Center..
Since the van had not arrived, we cycle around..
I did some teaching and Azlina took my place after that.. haha..
After that, we went back home and bath.. and lunch and we visit each other after that..
Pravin visited me n together we pluck banana leaves as umbrella and travel to Xiao's house..
She has plenty of children 2 play with.. but 1 of them, a girl, doesn't like guys to play with.. so me and Pravin named her Bakal Lesbian.. haha..
After all visiting, we went back home, feeling tired with some dirt on my pants..
And of course i bath again and clean myself up..
At 4.45pm, the van arrived to picked us up..
We went to Bukit Melawati..
Fed some monkeys..
(I can't describe them.. maybe you should se them through the pics i took tht time..)
After that, we went to a sort of place where they keep fireflies by bus.. and me, Xiao and Mei Leng were talking bout our freinds.. and.. were talking bout how popular I am.. woo-hoo~! POPULAR~~..
Okay, we reach there around.. 7.25pm.. and we saw the fireflies in the 'Berembang' trees like Christmas trees.. seriously nice.. but 1 thing is that, we have to sit on the sampan.. and me n Mei Leng were praying bout our safetyness juz in case later the whole sampan turn upside down and crocodiles chew us like chewing gums.. but Xiao looks like calm and relax only.. and i realised tht Mei Leng is also a strong Christian.. Blessings shall pour upon her..
After that, we went bak home.. by bus of cuz.. n while we're in the bus, Mei Leng's talking bout her life.. which's kinda touching..

4th day
Woke up around 6.05am..
[regular morning things..]
We then went to Wak Amat's house to learn more bout agriculture.. more on paddy..
and then we went to the paddy fields but we did nothing there..
We actually suppose to harvest the rice 1.. but it's not harvesting season yet.. so, we dont get to harvest.. sad isnt it?
Me and Mei Leng were chatting bout [CENCORED] and how her attitude is..
Me and Pravin were waiting for the van to arrive but none of them appear.. so me n Pravin began to lose our patience and start walking back to the Agro Center.. which is 5km away..
When we're walking, finally, a van appeared and we ran towards the van and headed to the Agro Center..
We reached the Agro Center around 5.50pm.. and we started to play Chi-Ku-Pak(Hand Slapping Edition)..
We played for.. 5 minutes.. and do some sukanika stuff..
And 45 minutes later, we went home and changed to our traditional clothes.. bt i wore baju melayu(fazrul's 1..) cuz gt no samfoo..
And lo and behold, something happen.. my house BLACKOUT...
So I have 2 eat dinner in the dark la..
Mak cooked us something special.. n u wont get them in KL 1.. she cooked BUBUR PISANG..
At 8.15pm.. the van arrived.. and reach the Agro Center at.. 8.25pm?.. for night culture..
Everyone look cool.. except me cuz i wear baju melayu on the top bt track suit on the bottom.. so it looks kinda weird..
Among all the girls.. Xiao was the SEXIEST.. with her Cheongsam.. seriously.. ask Fazrul if u dun believe..
Everything was fine.. except for the presentation from the homestay.. especially the Kompang Izhar and Cempuling... the way they sing were like they're praying..
Went home around.. 1.00am..
Slept at 2.00am..

Last day
I woke up the latest this time.. which is 6.30am..
Bath.. n I drop my phone n my phone spoiled..
And had some breakfast..
Everyone was sad.. including me of cuz..
At 8.00am.. the van reach our home to fetch us(me n my roomates) to the Agro Center for canoeing activity..
It's very very FUN i tell u!
After that.. I went home to pack my stuff..
Had my last lunch there..
And when everything was ready, we headed to the Agro Center..
Waited there for 2 hours..
And the Majlis Perpisahan..
and we went back to the bus..
We actually supposed to visit the snacks factory(bahulu and peanut brittle[rempeyek]).. bt since it's late.. we didnt get to visit..
Had some chit chat in the bus.. snacks.. stories..
Really had fun together..

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