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I was wondering why I got 6A's instead of 7A's..
I nearly fell upon Satan's trap..
But thank God I didn't..

When I was in the toilet, hearing my MP3 instead of bathing [wearing my uniform la of course!]
I was hearing Phil Collin's Son of Man.. and wat pops out of my mind was..
'God will lead His child only to a better way, not worse'
And the strength of studying was flowing in my veins.. having a feeling that no matter how suck I am.. I'm gonna fly to the front.. and get lots of A's in SPM.. no matter how hard it is.. except for BM la.. confirm B3 or B4 1..

And only then i realised that MAYBE, just MAYBE, God gave me a B for Malay Language besause He knows that with failures, I can climb up and achieve a better results.
I do think that He is trying to Lead me a better way..

and my aunt called me to say tht im not really stooopid.. juz unlucky.. wow.. really touch my heart.. the way she speak english oso very funny [i didn't say tht her english was bad.. she actually did tht on purpose].. haha..

and.. also.. i now realised that lots of my frens care for me..
look at this.. so touching.. these had made me smile..

For the one who addicted to MILO:
Well, i am not a type that really KNOW how to cheer up the sad people.
So if i said any wrong, i beg for your forgiveness (:
Don't be too sad for the results.
Anyway, Jesus still loves you.
And don't be too miserable.
It's Christmas Eve (:
You can make a cup of milo to celebrate.
Uhh, and don't be mistaken.
Hahaha, best wishes for you.

To the Milo Lover:
same as cheen... special for u..
dun sad lar...... where's the happy n cheerful u?
the sad u is not u....
ah, i really dunno how to say...
if u r sad, think about all ur fans, they will be sad too rite?
well, dun let ur fans down =)
cheer up!!
by:wei xin

[c=38]<>^^[/c=8] says:
u mux buy me bek d a?
i dunoo gt this rules 1
cux u juz like nt hapii nw
so mb i buy 4 u ..then u wil hapii bek neh
< c="38]<">^^[/c=8] says:
means dat gt lar
< c="38]<">^^[/c=8] says:
ya i noe....
dun thk abt dat nw ler
< c="38]<">^^[/c=8] says:
dun thk lidat lurh
u wan who tam u oni u will hapii?
the gurl u like?
i go n find her d lar...
juz dun care abt bm adi...
it's over
jy a u
try 2 make urself hapii bek?
promise me u will do it

wah~... even my fans pujuk me leh.. bangga gile.. hahahah
okay.. till i end it here...


I'll never let you look down on me ever again!
I know what you were thinking..
You'll see it and you'll get it one day!
You're lucky once.. but not twice..
Becareful and watch your steps.. you're going down!

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