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God exist, so was miracles!

A friend of mine sms me last night during her mission camp(Youth Camp)..

This is what she says..
"Wei.. I so charm.. we can't use phone.. so we choose this phone lo. So bad.. huhu =(.. today all the youth cried alot.. that's including me.. I heard God spoke to me and I saw Him was with me.. I faint spiritually and cry.. I was blur.. and that's abit scary.. I heard many people was praying for me.. once I woke up, I saw my member was with me.. weird oo? N I still..."

Shock? I noe some of u may said that I create another story..
Well, if you don't believe me.. tell me your name and I'll bring you to my fren.. she'll tell you exactly wat had happened..
And.. I will not tell you her name bcuz of certain circumstances..

P.S Your name will be kept as a secret unless u want me to announce..

P.P.S I'm not a storyteller who's trying to impress anybody.. thank you..


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