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A True Story to Tell

I hope that I can be a grandfather to all of you who read this post. It's because I'm about to tell a true story, a story tht was shared by my pastor's friend..

There was once a couple who were a strong worshiper, not to God but idols...
They always place food at the idols' alter everyday..
But.. Their youngest son was a christian..
One day, the couple were late for work..
They rush till they forgot 2 place some food at the alter..
At the evening, de son played football alone..
He was so aggressive till accidentally kick the football to the alter..
The idols fell and smashed into pieces..
De boy was afraid and ran back to his room..

At de evening, de couple came home and saw the idols were on the floor, in pieces..
They were so mad and went up 2 de boy's room and scolded him..
The boy responded..

'Aiyo.. mommy.. It's not I play football and kick till it drop la... it's u and daddy rushing and forgot 2 put food there loh.. so they all fight and fight for food.. and then they fall loh...'

The mother scolded...

'They can't even move how can they fight for food?! You don't simply simply lie ahh!'

And de boy finally replied..

'If they dun move and they dun eat, then y u go and worship them 1?'

Make sense isn't it?
Till I end it here..


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