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Prefect's Hi-Tea

Prefect's Hi-Tea was.. well, kinda fun.. not bad actually..
But I hv to try every clothes I hv 2 fit with my fren's (Carl) vest..
Cuz the theme for this year Prefect's Hi-Tea is Masquerade and some-French-something..
Prefect's Hi-tea was held at the Olive Tree (Menara Hup Seng)..
At first, me, Dyl, Xiao, Mia n Chia Xin hv to arrange the transport for the seniors and those without transport..
Xiao is our head for the transport arrangement..
But Aidil told me everything but told Xiao nothing.. wat a pity.. haha..
Around 3.15pm.. all seniors had gone for the Prefects Hi-Tea.. only some had not..
So, En. Shukri decides to leave the school.. without waiting the very-late-prefects anymore..
When we reach the Olive Tree.. everything's amazing..
The food taste good.. seriously..
Bt kinda spicy.. it burns my stomach and i had a bad stomach ache the next day.. haha..

Here's some pictures that I stole from facebook and someone else's blog..

Someone is inside Farzana's gown..

Wait.. this is fake..

Now this is real..

'Evil Queen' from 'Sleeping Beauty'?

The Villains..

The Couple..

The Ladies..

The Guys..

The Handsome..

That's all about Prefect's Hi-Tea..


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